New Jersey Xiangqi Association 新泽西象棋协会
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NJXA Tournament Rules 新泽西象棋协会赛事规程

NJXA adopts World Xiangqi Federation Rules. The following rules apply to both NJ Open and NJ Fast Open. The only two differences are: (1) NJ Fast Open doesn't require the game recording, NJ Open does. (2) NJ Open time setting is 60 minutes/30 seconds, while NJ Fast Open allows only 12 minutes/8 seconds (delay time for each move).
新泽西棋协采用世界象棋联合会法规。 以下规则适用于新泽西棋协举办的《新州象棋公开赛》和《新州快棋赛》。其中有两个不同的区别(1)快棋赛不需要记录,公开赛需要。(2)《新州象棋公开赛》限时为60分钟/30秒钟每步,快棋赛限时为12分钟/8秒钟每步(每步超出30秒或8秒开始计算时间)。
  1. Format: Swiss system with 7 rounds. Players list is sorted by their rank scores. Put those don't have rank scores at the end of the list, by the ascending order of last and first names.
    比赛形式: 采用瑞士7回合比赛规则。第一轮根据姓氏排列随机配对,然后选手根据每轮的成绩高低进行排列,没有成绩的选手将排在最末尾。比赛对手将是强强相遇,公平竞争!
  2. Starting time: Please refer to the schedule of each tournament.
    开始时间: 请参阅每场比赛的时间表。
  3. Requirement: Basic membership is required, except guest players.
    选手资格: 至少是基本会员,棋会邀请来的选手除外。
  4. Registration Fee: Members $10. Others $20.
    报名费用: 会员为10美金,其他选手20美金。
  5. Pairing: Strictly by computer. Each pairing is determined by players' scores at the end of each round. Pairings are simply done by one mouse click, in the presence of at least two referees.
    配对规则: 根据每轮选手的成绩,严格地使用电脑进行配对。每场至少两名裁判员。
  6. Game Result: After a draw proposal, the game will be judged as draw if there is no checkmate within next 50 moves. Referees reserve the right to make final call in order to keep tournament moving on.
    争议判决: 进行到残局阶段,双方相持不下的局面,如果在50回合内无吃子判和。裁判员持有绝对的权利以保证比赛能正常进行。
  7. Score: Win=1 Draw=0.5 Loss=0.
    胜负分数: 赢=1分 ,平=0.5分, 输=0分
  8. Tie-beakers:
    小分算法: 当比赛结束后,如果出现两个选手同分的情况,将通过计算小分的方法来决出名次。
  9. Prizes: The top 6 scorers will be awarded trophies and cash prizes.
    奖品: 进入前六名的选手将会获得现金奖励 !
NJXA Tournament Reports 新泽西象棋协会比赛公告

There are three official NJXA open tournaments each year. 棋会每年举行三场正式棋赛。
1. NJ Open 新泽西公开赛. A major tournament held every Fall, attracting the finest and enthusiastic Xiangqi players on the East Coast. 是每年秋季举行的重要比赛,吸引美东最优秀的选手参赛
2. NJ Fast Game Open 新泽西快棋赛. A fun tournament held every Spring, attracting many Xiangqi players and fans. 一个紧张刺激的春季比赛节目,届时会有很多高手和棋迷参加。
3. NJ Youth Open 新州青少年公开赛. A fun tournament designed for youth held every Fall, It covers age groups: 6-8, 9-12, and 13-16. 这是一个每年春季举行,深受青少年喜爱的比赛。年龄组分为:6-8,9-12,13-16.
New Jersey Open Winners新泽西公开赛
Report报道Champion冠軍Second Place第二名Third Place第三名Forth Place第四名Fifth Place第五名Sixth Place第六名
2013 Jian Meng孟健Yeyang Chen陳烨旸Oscar PENG彭佳文Cheng Ma馬成 Zhimeng Hang杭之孟 Allen Yan嚴哲鵬

New Jersey Fast Game Open Winners 新泽西快棋赛
Report报道Champion冠軍Second Place第二名Third Place第三名Forth Place第四名Fifth Place第五名Sixth Place第六名
2013 Cheng Ma 马成Michael Hu 胡全Oscar PENG 彭佳文Jeff Wang 王能家 Allen Yan 严哲鹏 Haisan Li 李海山

New Jersey Youth Open Winners
Report Champion Second Place Third Place Champion Second Place Third Place Champion Second Place Third Place
2013 Qin HuiSteven TanDaniel Hu Lancelot Shih Charles Luo Ryan Xu Nathan Cheung Kelin Li Kevin Yi